An eleventh hour rescue by a Kiwi cleaning company could save a possible threat of New Zealand’s team’s withdrawal from the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

“Following an approach by the New Zealand High Commissioner in Delhi, Rupert Holborow, Crest Cleaning’s India business mucked in to sort out the New Zealand team’s accommodation,” said Crest Cleaning India Managing Director Ajit Jain.

“Crest was granted special access to the village as a result of an ultimatum to the Games’ Village organizing committee’s secretary that unless Crest Cleaning did not clean the NZ accommodation, there was a real risk of the country’s team not attending the Games.”

“We met with Mr Holborow, NZ Chef de mission Dave Currie and NZ contingent coordinator Jake Wilkins following worldwide publicity of the poor hygienic conditions at the athletes’ quarters” said Mr Jain, who added that “Australia and Scotland have now also asked Crest Cleaning to clean their athletes’ quarters.”

“Unfortunately we had to say no to the Canadian and Irish teams as our focus and priority was on sorting out the facilities for the Kiwis,” said Mr Jain.

The state of the Games Village in Delhi has contributed to global concern the Games will not take place after international teams were shocked at the poor village conditions, with the New Zealand housing facility deemed uninhabitable. Crest Cleaning’s India team have been working overtime to make sure the team members will have their facilities cleaned to western standards.

Crest Cleaning’s New Zealand Managing Director Grant McLauchlan is delighted the Crest India has been able to support the NZ Commonwealth Games team.

“It’s brilliant to see a NZ established business now trading in India able to step up to help a Kiwi team in a time of need,” said Mr McLauchlan.

Mr McLauchlan said that cleaning, or housekeeping as it is known in India is worth about $150 billion a year but is currently serviced by untrained, poorly resourced contracting employees.

“Crest is doing well in India because it is recognised as a quality brand, with excellent staff training programs based on international standards developed by Crest New Zealand,” said Mr McLauchlan.